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Gene Latour Trancels-Pultrall Canada inc

2013-10-18 16:07:37

 Re: Rebar Enterprises Inc. –Trancels Construction Technologies

On Behalf of Trancels Construction Technologies, we are pleased to utilize the professional services of Emin Buzimkic and his team in regards to reinforcement design, detailing and shop drawings.
Trancels is the representative of V-rod, the premier FRP composite rebar manufactured in Canada by Pultall Inc. FRP reinforcement is widely accepted and used on numerous projects across Canada with the various Ministry of Transportation, municipalities, cities, Public Works Canada and other owners. Various design Codes and Guidelines are available for Designers and Engineers such as the CSA s-806, Canadian Highway Bridge Code, ISIS Canada Design Manuals and ACI 440.1.
Trancels supplies V-rod reinforcement to the various rebar fabricators or contractors based on final approved shop drawings and detailed Barlist which are then submitted to Pultrall for fabrication. Working with Emin and the Rebar Enterprises Inc. team have assisted in making our projects a success for Trancels, Pultrall and ultimately the contractors and owners.
Rebar Enterprises team is indeed professional and accurate, with Emin’s years of experience also in the field enabling them to be creative and provide solutions to any detailing required for FRP reinforcing. They are very helpful as a resource during the design and detailing process, as FRP in particular is not carbon copy of steel reinforcement. Emin has resource and expertise in working with various software applications to accommodate
V-rod FRP reinforcement and make the design and use of FRP efficient and practical for designers and owners alike.
In conclusion, we are very pleased to be associated with Rebar Enterprises and will continue to work together with their team and would certainly recommend their service to any owners or contractors for their design and detailing requirements.”
Gene Latour
Director of Marketing 
Trancels Construction Technologies

Markting Director