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Modular Rebar® /Pre-Assembled Rebar Solutions

Registered and approved by major engineering firms Modular Rebar®, with its well-thought out approach, is designed for cast-in-place concrete projects in fields of high rise and heavy construction. Our pre-assembled rebar solutions will expedite design and building process with simultaneous work onsite and controlled fabrication facility. Modular Rebar® has gained a well-earned reputation for assembly and material innovation from owners, construction managers, formwork contractors and rebar placers for delivering significant schedule reduction, increase in profits, quality control and safety.

 We offer a wide range of advanced solutions in modular construction for almost any structural members and applications, including transfer and raft slabs, columns, beams, walls and more.

Contact us for further information on how we can assist you in delivering your projects faster.


“With Modular Rebar® we have been able to complete the installation of core walls for a 76-story building in two hours.”

Dony Kavanaugh

Rebar Supervisor-One Bloor East Project