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Premium Rebar Detailing

Certified Detailers by RSIC/RSIO, Distinctive and second to none in quality, service and support.
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Rebar Estimating

Rebar Enterprises Inc. provides timely and accurate estimates to our clients. The entire process rests on confidentiality, accuracy, proper interpretation of contract documents. We use ASA Estimating Software to ensure highest standards and accuracy.
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Erebar Project Management

Our extensive experience in design, fabrication and field has enabled us to identify problems that cause unnecessary delays, lost man-hours, back charges and negative impact on construction schedule. To this effect we have taken the initiative to create a focal Rebar Communication HUB which allows for a constant and effective flow of communication and data, therefore potentially eliminating 95% of problems related to Reinforcing Steel and virtually reducing waste to zero.
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Specialty Rebar Consulting

In order to further increase efficiency and reduce costs in high-demanding and increasingly complex projects, Erebar Specialty Rebar Consulting provides professional advice to its customers in the areas such as:
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